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Our Instructor- Shobha Naik

Shobha Naik has been passionately imparting her knowledge in yoga, ayurveda and meditation for the past 25+ years. Her dedication and  compassion has enabled her to physically and mentally heal numerous students while inspiring positivity in their lives through yoga practice.


She has proudly completed 2 years of yoga courses, 1 year of ayurveda studies and 15 years of meditation practice that she enthusiastically teaches today. Her daily practice includes hatha yoga asanas (postures), power yoga, therapeutic yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.


She strongly believes that yoga is a relationship built between the body, mind and breath. She says " An hour of yoga everyday can give you a sense of freedom, peace and joy that is missing in today’s world." Shobha has taught over 1000 yoga classes in many different locations, schools, workplaces, recreation centers and has been vastly recognized for the same.

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